Hey I am Akira Zusuki. I am 18 Years old and was born on the 11.09.2001.

I have no sisters and brothers that means I am a only child.

My family and I live in Wien in Austria.

It is ab big house with many rooms and a big kitchen.

I go to a normal high school by the city of wien.

When I have finished the school I want to do an apprenticeship as a designer.

I really like to design clothes.

I already have designed some clothes and had let produced it.

My hobby’s are to play table tennis and chill with my friends.


Also I like to go out with my girlfriend.

With THE BOYS I play video games and meet them at home.

We go to dinner in restaurants many time and sometimes we go to party’s.

The names of my friends are Xi Ming, Giorno Giovanna and Leone Abbacchio.

Giorno, Leone and I have a blog wich name is Channel 10.